When Kids Say They Are Bored, Do This. It Might Be Evil, But It’s Also Awesome.

Having kids home for summer vacation can be a blessing and a curse. Even though you get to spend all day with your little ones, eventually you’ll run out of things to do. One dad faced that very predicament, but came up with an awesome solution. His kids told him that they were bored. Instead of ignoring them or just letting them sit inside and play video games, this guy told them to help him with something… He asked them to sort a ball pit by color.

It might seem like a cruel request…

But these kids were happy to participate. Even though their work was cut out for them.

They started by sorting out red, orange and yellow.

Halfway there.

As the kids sorted, some of the colors got a little mixed in the middle, but no worries.


The urge to jump into this headfirst would be hard to resist.

It’s just so perfect.

Source: Reddit Hopefully, none of the kids thought about how disgusting ball pits are (and didn’t find any dirty diapers that sank to the bottom). Their work was epic, even if Dad’s intent was a little evil. Know any bored kids or frustrated parents? Show them what this dad did. It’s genius.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/ball-pit-organization/

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