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Chocolatier Reviews Cheap Valentine’s Day Chocolates

“You have one day a year to show yourself!” Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/Bn8R2Y35B58. Buzzfeed Video / Via youtube.com A special thanks to Johnathan Grahm- Chocolatier and Owner of CompartesFollow him on Instagram! Read more:...


16 Reasons Why It’s Totally OK To Elope

Fun fact: It takes two to tango and not 202. Real talk: Who doesn’t love a good wedding? View this image › Pixar It’s an awesome way to celebrate you and your S.O. promising...


What Hating Valentine’s Day Really Means

When people say, “I hate Valentine’s Day,” what they often mean is, “I hate being forced to take inventory of the quality and volume of love in my life.” View this image › Justine...

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