Every Thursday, This Girl Waits On The Corner Of Her Street For The Sweetest Reason

Three-year-old Brooklyn looks forward to Thursday mornings for one adorable reason…

Her best friend stops by for a quick visit.

The friendship started a year ago when Brooklyn waved at her neighborhood garbage man from inside her home. Soon, she and her mom moved outside as he passed by. Now, she and Delvar Dopson are full-fledged BFFs.

Brooklyn’s friendship with garbage man Delvar Dopson is truly adorable. Every Thursday, she waits for him at the corner of her driveway to wave hello.

Naturally, when her birthday rolled around recently, she wanted to do something special for Dopson. She gave him a cupcake, so he could celebrate her birthday, too.

Dopson was eternally grateful and told Brooklyn and her mom that they are the best part of his Thursday routine.

And when he found out it was Brooklyn’s birthday, he decided to take their friendship up a notch…

The following week, when he came around Brooklyn’s house, he dropped off a ton of belated birthday presents for her. There’s only one word to describe this friendship — adorable.

(via Scary Mommy)

Friendships like these prove that even the smallest gesture, like a wave, can make a person’s day. Hopefully, these two stay friends for many years to come!

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