20 Hilarious (And Totally Ridiculous) Reasons Why Kids Cry

The great thing about kids is that they put setting their own hair on fire and dropping their toys in the same spot on the “I should totally be crying about this” scale.

And no one addresses this weepy phenomenon more brilliantly than Reasons My Son Is Crying. Basically, the site hinges around parents submitting photos of their little ones sobbing for the dumbest reasons of all time.

From pacifiers in toaster ovens to doormats just waiting to be licked, here are 20 of the most insane things kids have ever cried about.

1. His granola bar broke.

2. She met the president.

3. He was told that his lobster costume was too small.

4. She had to hold the mac and cheese.

5. He wanted to hit Dad with a phone.

6. He had to wear underwear.

7. Mom didn’t want to feed her raw eggs.

8. She couldn’t vote for all of the candidates.

9. He wanted freshly baked muffins to come out cold.

10. He put his own pacifiers in the toaster oven.

11. She had to brush her teeth.

12. He couldn’t eat the rest of the football.

13. She learned that Darth Vader was the bad guy.

14. He wasn’t allowed to lick the doormat.

15. He couldn’t fit all of the crayons in one hand.

16. He wasn’t allowed to spray the trees with sunscreen.

17. He couldn’t keep it as a pet.

18. Mom’s legs were “the wrong way.”

19. She kept dropping her fork.

20. He couldn’t get down.

Oh, children. If you can’t get enough of these human-shaped buckets of tears, be sure to check out Reasons My Son Is Crying on Facebook!

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